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LaTeX is not only excellent for writing technical and science documents¬† but also for writing other types of documents, including letters. You probably know that. If you don’t, you can learn more about it here, or read the documentation for the ‘letter’ document class. There is one concern though, that is how to add a digital signature (i.e., an image of your signature) to the letter. This post explains how to do that, although I found that it did not work correctly on my system. The following worked for me: remove the standard \signature and \closing commands and use:

Sincerely yours,\\[\medskipamount]  % The closing

You may want to change the vertical space amount and the scale of your signature image. The command \fromsig will include your name.

In the case you still want to print the letter out and sign it in ink, but you find the default space is too small, this is a tip for enlarging the signature space.

\closing{The closing, such as: Best regards,}

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