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Typesetting CV’s in LaTeX

Update on October 26, 2011.

Some useful resources that I found on the Internet:

  • This page compiles a list of useful links for writing CV in LaTeX.
  • This one is a resume class for LaTeX, ready to be used. It looks quite pretty and professional. However, there is one thing I don’t really like, that is the years are kind of in the middle of the page. I tend to like them to be either on the right margin (like most examples below) or the left margin (like the moderncv one).
  • This page has several examples of CV in LaTeX, both for academia and industry. The samples look detailed and professional (not fancy). They use the standard LaTeX document class (article) and standard packages, and customize them for a CV.¬†This is just a template, not a class or package.
  • This one is a fairly standard CV, a bit too standard. It uses article class and other standard packages, and customize them. This is just a template, not a class or package.
  • This one is also a customized CV based on the standard article class. It looks a bit similar to the moderncv one (with years on the left) but less pretty.
  • On CTAN, there are several packages for writing CV, for example moderncv and CurVe. They are both easy to use and can produce pretty and professional CV. However, if you want to customize your CV beyond what are provided, it may be a bit difficult.
  • CV in LaTeX with beautiful fonts: this one focuses on fonts and pretty typesetting for CV. Somehow when I used these fonts, the output could not be viewed on some browsers. So be careful.


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XeTeX is a (La)TeX engine that natively supports expert fonts (so you can freely use any font in your system).  It is cross-platform. More information can be found on Google.

There is an article about beautiful typesetting with XeTeX, where you can find many examples and download links for free expert fonts: The Beauty of LaTeX.

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